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Realizing 20% External Quantum Efficiency in Electroluminescence with Efficient Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence from an Exciplex

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2019
Marian Chapran and Piotr Pander and Marharyta Vasylieva and Gabriela Wiosna-Salyga and Jacek Ulanski and Fernando B. Dias and Przemyslaw Data
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Recent Advancements in and the Future of Organic Emitters: TADF- and RTP-Active Multifunctional Organic Materials

Chemistry - An Asian Journal, 2019
Przemyslaw Data and Youhei Takeda
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Impedance spectroscopy of OLEDs as a tool for estimating mobility and the concentration of charge carriers in transport layers

Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 6(5): 1008—1014, 2018
Chulkin, P. and Vybornyi, O. and Lapkowski, M. and Skabara, P.J. and Data, P.
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The contributions of molecular vibrations and higher triplet levels to the intersystem crossing mechanism in metal-free organic emitters

Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 5(25): 6269—6280, 2017
Huang, R. and Avó, J. and Northey, T. and Chaning-Pearce, E. and Dos Santos, P.L. and Ward, J.S. and Data, P. and Etherington, M.K. and Fox, M.A. and Penfold, T.J. and Berberan-Santos, M.N. and Lima, J.C. and Bryce, M.R. and Dias, F.B.
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Thermally activated delayed fluorescent phenothiazine-dibenzo[a,j]phenazine-phenothiazine triads exhibiting tricolor-changing mechanochromic luminescence

Chemical Science, 8(4): 2677—2686, 2017
Okazaki, M. and Takeda, Y. and Data, P. and Pander, P. and Higginbotham, H. and Monkman, A.P. and Minakata, S.
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Electrochemically Induced Synthesis of Triphenylamine-based Polyhydrazones

Electrochimica Acta, 230: 10—21, 2017
Data, P. and Pander, P. and Zassowski, P. and Mimaite, V. and Karon, K. and Lapkowski, M. and Grazulevicius, J.V. and Slepski, P. and Darowicki, K.
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Regio-A nd conformational isomerization critical to design of efficient thermally-activated delayed fluorescence emitters

Nature Communications, 8, 2017
Etherington, M.K. and Franchello, F. and Gibson, J. and Northey, T. and Santos, J. and Ward, J.S. and Higginbotham, H.F. and Data, P. and Kurowska, A. and Dos Santos, P.L. and Graves, D.R. and Batsanov, A.S. and DIas, F.B. and Bryce, M.R. and Penfold, T.J. and Monkman, A.P.
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Electrochromic Properties of Novel Selenophene and Tellurophene Derivatives Based on Carbazole and Triphenylamine Core

Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 121(21): 11027—11036, 2017
Pander, P. and Motyka, R. and Zassowski, P. and Lapkowski, M. and Swist, A. and Data, P.
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Triplet Harvesting with a Simple Aromatic Carbonyl

ChemPhysChem, 18(17): 2305, 2017
Torres Ziegenbein, C. and Fröbel, S. and Glöß, M. and Nobuyasu, R.S. and Data, P. and Monkman, A. and Gilch, P.
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