Publication Type: Journal Article

Unusual band-gap migration of N-alkylcarbazole-thiophene derivative

Optical Materials, 33(9): 1445—1448, 2011
Lapkowski, M. and Data, P. and Golba, S. and Soloducho, J. and Nowakowska-Oleksy, A.
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A new route to light emitting organic materials based on triazine derivatives

Journal of Fluorescence, 20(5): 1069—1075, 2010
Idzik, K. and Sołoducho, J. and Łapkowski, M. and Data, P.
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Observation of Dual Room Temperature Fluorescence-Phosphorescence in Air, in the Crystal Form of a Thianthrene Derivative

Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 122(43): 24958—24966, 2018
Pander, P. and Swist, A. and Turczyn, R. and Pouget, S. and Djurado, D. and Lazauskas, A. and Pashazadeh, R. and Grazulevicius, J.V. and Motyka, R. and Klimash, A. and Skabara, P.J. and Data, P. and Soloducho, J. and Dias, F.B.
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An optical and electrical study of full thermally activated delayed fluorescent white organic light-emitting diodes

Scientific Reports, 7(1), 2017
Pereira, D.D.S. and Dos Santos, P.L. and Ward, J.S. and Data, P. and Okazaki, M. and Takeda, Y. and Minakata, S. and Bryce, M.R. and Monkman, A.P.
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Exciplex Enhancement as a Tool to Increase OLED Device Efficiency

Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 120(4): 2070—2078, 2016
Data, P. and Kurowska, A. and Pluczyk, S. and Zassowski, P. and Pander, P. and Jedrysiak, R. and Czwartosz, M. and Otulakowski, L. and Suwinski, J. and Lapkowski, M. and Monkman, A.P.
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Advanced heterocyclic branched semiconducting units – highly efficient synthesis and physicochemical characteristic

Current Organic Chemistry, 17(3): 283—295, 2013
Sołoducho, J. and Cabaj, J. and Olech, K. and Data, P. and Łapkowski, M.
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Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence Mediated through the Upper Triplet State Manifold in Non-Charge-Transfer Star-Shaped Triphenylamine-Carbazole Molecules

Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 122(42): 23934—23942, 2018
Pander, P. and Motyka, R. and Zassowski, P. and Etherington, M.K. and Varsano, D. and Da Silva, T.J. and Caldas, M.J. and Data, P. and Monkman, A.P.
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Triplet Harvesting with a Simple Aromatic Carbonyl

ChemPhysChem, 18(17): 2305, 2017
Torres Ziegenbein, C. and Fröbel, S. and Glöß, M. and Nobuyasu, R.S. and Data, P. and Monkman, A. and Gilch, P.
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Engineering the singlet-triplet energy splitting in a TADF molecule

Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 4(17): 3815—3824, 2016
Santos, P.L. and Ward, J.S. and Data, P. and Batsanov, A.S. and Bryce, M.R. and Dias, F.B. and Monkman, A.P.
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Glass forming donor-substituted s-triazines: Photophysical and electrochemical properties

Dyes and Pigments, 97(3): 412—422, 2013
Reghu, R.R. and Grazulevicius, J.V. and Simokaitiene, J. and Matulaitis, T. and Miasojedovas, A. and Kazlauskas, K. and Jursenas, S. and Data, P. and Lapkowski, M. and Zassowski, P.
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