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Realizing 20% External Quantum Efficiency in Electroluminescence with Efficient Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence from an Exciplex

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2019
Marian Chapran and Piotr Pander and Marharyta Vasylieva and Gabriela Wiosna-Salyga and Jacek Ulanski and Fernando B. Dias and Przemyslaw Data
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The influence of molecular geometry on the efficiency of thermally activated delayed fluorescence

Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 2019
Roberto S. Nobuyasu and Jonathan S. Ward and Jamie Gibson and Beth A. Laidlaw and Zhongjie Ren and Przemyslaw Data and Andrei S. Batsanov and Thomas J. Penfold and Martin R. Bryce and Fernando B. Dias
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Thermally activated delayed fluorescence vs. room temperature phosphorescence by conformation control of organic single molecules

Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 2019
Przemyslaw Data and Masato Okazaki and Satoshi Minakata and Youhei Takeda
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Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence Mediated through the Upper Triplet State Manifold in Non-Charge-Transfer Star-Shaped TriphenylaminetextendashCarbazole Molecules

The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2018
Piotr Pander and Radoslaw Motyka and Pawel Zassowski and Marc K. Etherington and Daniele Varsano and Tales J. da Silva and Marilia J. Caldas and Przemyslaw Data and Andrew P. Monkman
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Syntheses of Diverse Donor-Substituted Bisbenzofuro[2,3-b:3$prime$,2$prime$-e]pyridines (BBZFPys) via Pd Catalysis, and Their Photophysical Properties

The Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2018
Yuhei Itai and Yuji Nishii and Patrycja Stachelek and Przemyslaw Data and Youhei Takeda and Satoshi Minakata and Masahiro Miura
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Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence in PolymertextendashSmall-Molecule Exciplex Blends for Solution-Processed Organic Light-Emitting Diodes

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2018
Piotr Pander and Szymon Gogoc and Marco Colella and Przemyslaw Data and Fernando B. Dias
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Moving Beyond Boron-Based Substituents To Achieve Phosphorescence in Tellurophenes

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2017
William Torres Delgado and Christina A. Braun and Michael P. Boone and Olena Shynkaruk and Yanyu Qi and Robert McDonald and Michael J. Ferguson and Przemyslaw Data and Shawan K. C. Almeida and Inara de Aguiar and Gabriel L. C. de Souza and Alex Brown and Gang He and Eric Rivard
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Conformationally-flexible and moderately electron-donating units-installed DtextendashAtextendashD triad enabling multicolor-changing mechanochromic luminescence, TADF and room-temperature phosphorescence

Chemical Communications, 2018
Youhei Takeda and Takahito Kaihara and Masato Okazaki and Heather Higginbotham and Przemyslaw Data and Norimitsu Tohnai and Satoshi Minakata
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