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Thermally activated delayed fluorescence: Vs. room temperature phosphorescence by conformation control of organic single molecules

Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 7(22): 6616—6621, 2019
Data, P. and Okazaki, M. and Minakata, S. and Takeda, Y.
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The influence of molecular geometry on the efficiency of thermally activated delayed fluorescence

Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 7(22): 6672—6684, 2019
Nobuyasu, R.S. and Ward, J.S. and Gibson, J. and Laidlaw, B.A. and Ren, Z. and Data, P. and Batsanov, A.S. and Penfold, T.J. and Bryce, M.R. and Dias, F.B.
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Donor-Acceptor 1,2,4,5-Tetrazines Prepared by the Buchwald-Hartwig Cross-Coupling Reaction and Their Photoluminescence Turn-On Property by Inverse Electron Demand Diels-Alder Reaction

Journal of Organic Chemistry, 85(5): 3407—3416, 2020
Qu, Y. and Pander, P. and Vybornyi, O. and Vasylieva, M. and Guillot, R. and Miomandre, F. and Dias, F.B. and Skabara, P. and Data, P. and Clavier, G. and Audebert, P.
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